Parterning with the Mukisa School in Uganda


Patricia is a seven year old girl. When Patricia was five she was diagnosed with cancer and her father abandoned the family. Patricia lived in the cancer ward at the local hospital for 6 months, and during that time watched many other children who lived around her die. After Patricia was released she was given the wrong combinations of medicine and had a stroke, which left her with right-side paralysis. Patricia's cancer is now in remission and she is a very friendly little girl. She likes to play with babies, cuddle, and talk incessantly!


Peter is twelve and is one of seven children. His father passed away and so his mother is the sole provider for her children. Peter became mentally retarded due to epilepsy. He has been on seizure meds off and on for the last 8 years, but it has been difficult to find an effective dose and he is often extra sleepy or active because of his meds. He continues to have seizures off and on. Peter's family lived in a one-room mud home which was very leaky until recently, when they were able to move to a better home due to a sponsorship. Peter's neighbors believe that he is cursed because of his disability and frequently call him names and empty their chamber pots on him. Despite this, Peter is quite funny and enjoys life. He likes to build things with dirt and he also likes hoarding small things from our classroom in his pockets!


Jackie is a 17-year-old girl with mental retardation. Jackie's father also left their family when it was discovered that Jackie was disabled. Jackie used to be quite quiet and didn't smile or interact with others often. However, since school began she has begun to be much more outgoing and speaks spontaneously more and more often! Although she has made very little academic progress, she is making lots of social progress. We have begun to teach her skills such as cooking and cleaning so that she will be able to function better in everyday life. She enjoys attention and hugs.


Sam is also twelve years old. Sam's father is not around and his mother died last year, so he now lives with his older brother and sister. Sam's family founded an orphanage and they care for around 40 orphans on their property. Sam has been mentally retarded from birth. Sam likes a lot of attention. If the teachers say, "Good job," to someone, Sam always says, "Teacher, me!!" until they tell him the same thing. Sam has a low attention span and becomes easily frustrated. He enjoys playing with the other students and having someone's undivided attention.


Shafik is a five year old boy who had malaria when he was two, which caused brain damage. He also suffers from seizures. He comes from a Muslim family. His father left when his disability was discovered. Shafik is a very affectionate boy. He loves to give hugs and he enjoys looking at books. He has never attended school before and is very proud to be in school now. Shafik's seizures have recently been quite out of control; please pray for him.


Katamba is an eight-year-old boy from a Muslim family. Katamba's mother left when she discovered that he had a disability, so Katamba lives with his grandmother and his father occasionally visits. Katamba has a very severe speech problem. However, his brain function is normal and he is quite intelligent. Katamba was not allowed to attend school because of his lack of speech--it was assumed that he was mentally retarded. However, he is quickly learning his letters and numbers and enjoys showing off his knowledge to anyone nearby!


Cedric is a five-year-old boy who shows all the classic symptoms of autism. At around age two he began to lose his speech and disengage himself from those around him. His parents took him to doctors who first diagnosed him as having malaria and then gave him a diagnosis of tuberculosis. Cedric is a part of a loving family and they are very patient with him. He doesn't speak but sometimes communicates his needs by pulling an adult by the hand. He loves to play in water and jump from the top of the jungle gym into someone's arms.